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Linux and Atmel processors

Some notes about programming ATTiny25 and likes with an Ubuntu system.

Open Source soft and hardware, relativly cheap.
lsusb gives:
Bus 001 Device 034: ID 03eb:2104 Atmel Corp. AVR ISP mkII

Programming software - avrdude. use 'man avrdude' to see possible options. In my case an ATTiny25 was used.

id = "avrispmkII";
desc = "Atmel AVR ISP mkII";
type = stk500v2;

t25 ATtiny25
m168 ATmega168

(see "man avrdude" for more)

This gives the following command:


Belkin Wireless G+ MIMO USB Adapter in Linux

Got this nice USB adapter (Belkin F5D9050B, 050d:905b ) working in Linux with a little help from the internet... The things I did was these:

Download driver from Ralink:

Unpack driver, modify code as of this Forum post:

Compile driver as in Module/README, use './Configure / make / make install' instead of 'make config'.

Try to configure manually:

ifconfig rausb0 192.168.0.X up
iwconfig rausb0 channel N
iwconfig rausb0 essid 'ESSID'
iwpriv rausb0 set AuthMode=WPAPSK

Mambo Server

This site uses Drupal, but there are other good CMS's out there. Mambo ( is one of them, I made some notes when I installed it on my private server.

    Download and untar file
  • wget
  • tar zxvf mambov4*
  • touch configuration.php
  • chown nobody configuration.php
  • chown nobody administrator/backups/
  • chown nobody administrator/components/
  • chown nobody administrator/modules/
  • chown nobody administrator/templates/
  • chown nobody cache/
  • chown nobody components/
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