My Saab 96 1962

Some pics and info about my Saab 96 1962.


Saab 9000

This car is sold!

Info about my Saab 9000

Location of the central locking ECU, it's mounted by the golden clip.

Car related projects

Some car related projects.

Saab 9000 pictures

Media PC with LCD

A project to build a Linuxbased musicplayer. Uses a usb-lcd, Slackware, irmp3, LCDProc and more.


Info about the usb-lcd-display:


Belkin Wireless G+ MIMO USB Adapter in Linux

Got this nice USB adapter (Belkin F5D9050B, 050d:905b ) working in Linux with a little help from the internet... The things I did was these:

Download driver from Ralink:

Unpack driver, modify code as of this Forum post:

Compile driver as in Module/README, use './Configure / make / make install' instead of 'make config'.

Try to configure manually:

ifconfig rausb0 192.168.0.X up
iwconfig rausb0 channel N
iwconfig rausb0 essid 'ESSID'
iwpriv rausb0 set AuthMode=WPAPSK


No idea about the english name of this...
The goal is to light up a decoration with 6 leds. It has to be light, powered by batteries and last as long as possible without recharging. A PIC is used for PWM and to automaticly turn the light on when it gets dark.


/*Led PWM
PHermansson 2006
For mikroC compiler for PIC,

char counter;

void interrupt(){
counter ++; // increment counter
TMR0 = 254;
INTCON = 0x20; // set T0IE, clear T0IF . h20=100000

Digital Alpha PWS 500au

Digital Alpha PWS 500au

Digital Alpha PWS 500au

Digital Alpha PWS 500au
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