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12F675 blinks a led - Pic C code

A 12F675 is used with internal oscillator. A led is connected to Vdd and GP4 with a resistor, a 0,1u capacitor is the only other component. This code works with CCS C (

#include <12F675.h>
#device ADC=10
#use delay(clock=4000000)
#define GP0 PIN_A0
#define GP1 PIN_A1
#define GP2 PIN_A2
#define GP3 PIN_A3
#define GP4 PIN_A4
#define GP5 PIN_A5
#byte OSCCAL = 0x80

void init()
OSCCAL = 0x80; // set internal oscillator to mid frequency
set_tris_a( 0b11111101 ); // set GP1 output, all other inputs

120 mm fan inside a standard ATX-supply

(Text follows later)

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