Motorola A925 as GPS

The Motorola A925 is a bulky ugly phone... but I bought one when they sold it for €65. Not a phone to carry around, but it has a built in GPS and would do great as a GPS in the car. The reception is to bad though, so I bought an external gps-antenna on To make it fit in the car a carholder and a carcharger was bought from Fone-R-Us (
As GPS software the free MapViewGPS is used, you find it at

To make it easier to start the GPS the top menu was altered with AppickerConfig,


Time to build a new HEPC... This time it will be built around a mini-ITX-card, use a 12" TFT as monitor (hopefully...) and have multizone audio. The software will be Windows XP with the free HEPC software Xlobby. This is just in early developement, I just got hold of most of tha parts and started testing a bit.

In the picture above we see a normal ATX-supply and a fan (120 millimeters). In the middle is the mainboard, and to the right harddisk and DVD. The DVD won't be used in the final project, I leave that to my modded Xbox. The front of the box will be a 12" TFT, which leads to a rather big box. Therefore theres' no need to use a 2,5" harddrive and other small expensive stuff.

Valve RIAA

The beginning: A wood box was constructed with plywood and oak.

Testmounting of the components on the back.

Some varnish made the box prettier, and I have mounted the transformer and valveholders.

The transformer sure is lethal, so I made a little wooden house for it. We also see a volume knob and a power on indicator in the front.


Nothing special - A webcam who's watching the printer.

Camera mounting

First try with Linux and the software Motion

No good in the dark...

A Led was mounted to help out in the dark

LED's instead of bulbs

When I had to change some bulbs in the dash on my Saab 9000 I decided to use LED's instead. The result was ok, but next time I will use diode's with lower resistance than 560 ohm.

I also changed indoor halogens to led's where halogen simply gave to much light. The lens of the led was cut to avoid the spotlight effect and create a more even flow.



Lonely flower

Lonely flower

One big oak

One big oak

Sea as a mirror

Sea as a mirror

Adjustable three channel PWM controlled leds

This is an ongoing project to build a cool light for a display cabinet. Ten RGB-led's are mounted in the cabinet, and by variying the pots one can adjust which color the light will have. Damn hard to take a good photo, but PICT0016 gives a hint of what it's looks light with only blue leds lit.

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