Submitted bypatrik onFri, 2006-04-28 00:22

Some small things about this great board.

  • Compile a new image and configure the kernel:
  • source init_env
    make -C packages/os/linux-2.4 menuconfig

  • Webcam
  • Method #1 - Patch the kernel
    cd /home/fox/devboard-R2_01/os/linux/drivers/usb
    tar zxvf usb-2.4.31*
    patch -p1 < usb-2.4.31.patch
    cd /home/fox/devboard-R2_01/
    make -C packages/os/linux-2.4

    Configure kernel:
    Multmedia devices - Video for Linux - module
    USB -> Support for USB - yes
    -> Preliminary USB device filesystem - yes
    -> USB SPCA5XX - module

    (user:root, password:pass)
    put fimage flash_all

    Gives checksum error? Have to investigate further...

    Use a premade image:
    tar zxvf fimage*
    (user:root, password:pass)
    put fimage_716_v100 flash_all

    Note: This image doesn't support SSH, just Telnet.
    Follow instructions on

  • Configure the software
  • make menuconfig

    070124 - DLink Wlan-adapter with WPA-PSK and latest SDK
    To make this work I activate the wlan and the driver when configuring the Fimage. This makes it possible to use WEP, to use WPA-PSK I make the following addition to /etc/conf.d/net.wireless:

    /usr/sbin/iwpriv $DEV set AuthMode=WPAPSK
    /usr/sbin/iwpriv $DEV set EncrypType=TKIP
    /usr/sbin/iwconfig $DEV essid $ESSID
    /usr/sbin/iwpriv $DEV set WPAPSK=34D.....

    I also set eth0 to use another subnet:

    vi /etc/conf.d/net.eth0