PC-based weather station

Submitted bypatrik onFri, 2007-07-06 21:02

These are plans and thoughts on building a PC-based weather station.
First off all, let's describe the parts.

1/ PC
A PC acting as a server, mostly file and webb. It's always on and makes a good data collector, runs Ubuntu Server. In service.
20080209 - This one shall be replaced by a NSLU2.

2/ DS9490R USB--1-wire adapter.
This is connected to the server. In service.

3/ 1-wire network.
In this network we have some DS2405's that switch on electronic relay's that's connected to lamps an led's. We also have two DS2450 4-way A/D. In service.
$dev[1] = "/mnt/owfs/05.DC4F21000000/PIO"; -- led spots
$dev[2] = "/mnt/owfs/05.231F14000000/PIO"; -- Wall lamps currently not working
$dev[3] = "/mnt/owfs/12.6F7125000000/PIO.B"; -- window

4/ MPXA4115A pressure detector.
To measure air pressure. In service.

5/ LDR
Mounted in the window with a LDR looking out, this makes it possible to check the light level outside. In service.

6/ DS1821 temperature sensor
Mounted outside. Might be replaced by the SHT11.

6/ Tellstick
Not really for weather but anyways... a USB connected device that controls radio activated switches. Used with the lightdetector to switch light on automatically. In service.

Future plans:
1/ SHT11 Humidity sensor
This one communicates with a I2C-like interface and measures humidity and temperature. Will be connected to a USB-PIC (PIC4550?) and connected directly to the server. A 1-wire sensor had been great but they're not cheap...

2/ PIC16F690. Attached to the 1-wire net this Pic will act as a data collector.

2/ PIC4550
Connected to the server to collect data. Will use Microchip CDC (serial port) code.
http://jorgev2.com/category/linux/ - using PHP with serial port.
Dio - PHP extension for serial port access.