Historic collection

Submitted by patrik on Tue, 2006-06-20 09:10

Some pictures of some of the strange old technical stuff in my home.

Storno 940, 4.1 kg NMT portable(?) phone

Psion Organizer II. Programable PDA with 2-row monochrome display.

Siemens IC35. With WAP-browser, to be used with Siemens mobile phones.

AMD 486DX4-100 & 386DX/DXL/40. Full speed ahead :)

SIX-20 Brown Junior Box Camera.

Panasonic EB-2701 mobile phone.

Chinon 30R XL film camera.

Kendo Singalong. Not old bur rather ugly.

Fälttelefon m/37. Used by the swedish military.

Toshiba T3200 portable(?) computer. The price when it was new was about 5000 euro.

Nokia Ringo. Ugly? Yes!

I will add more things when I collected photos.