Belkin Wireless G+ MIMO USB Adapter in Linux

Got this nice USB adapter (Belkin F5D9050B, 050d:905b ) working in Linux with a little help from the internet... The things I did was these:

Download driver from Ralink:

Unpack driver, modify code as of this Forum post:

Compile driver as in Module/README, use './Configure / make / make install' instead of 'make config'.

Try to configure manually:

ifconfig rausb0 192.168.0.X up
iwconfig rausb0 channel N
iwconfig rausb0 essid 'ESSID'
iwpriv rausb0 set AuthMode=WPAPSK


Submitted bypatrik onMon, 2006-12-04 12:02

No idea about the english name of this...
The goal is to light up a decoration with 6 leds. It has to be light, powered by batteries and last as long as possible without recharging. A PIC is used for PWM and to automaticly turn the light on when it gets dark.


/*Led PWM
PHermansson 2006
For mikroC compiler for PIC,

char counter;

void interrupt(){
counter ++; // increment counter
TMR0 = 254;
INTCON = 0x20; // set T0IE, clear T0IF . h20=100000