Submitted by patrik on Tue, 2011-02-22 21:21

This project's goal is to collect data from the surroundings

The device uses different sensor nodes. Some of them are connected via RS485, some are wireless. The wireless sensor are used for temperature and humidity. The wireless devices are not homebuilt, they are cheap extra devices for a commercial weather station (From Esic, Clas Ohlson item number 36-1797).
In the network there is also a number of wired devices. They connect via RS485, and to a PC via a RS485/RS232 adapter. For simplicity, these devices are built like Atmega168-based Arduino-clones.

Wired node #1. It should be mounted outside, and has the following main components:
-Atmega 168.
-MAX485 RS485 transceiver.
-SHT-11 Humidity/Temperature sensor.
-LDR, measures light.

Wired node #2. Mounted inside, measures values, collects data, displays data.
-Atmega 168.
-MAX485 RS485 transceiver.
-433 MHz rf receiver.
-MPXA4115A air pressure sensor.
-MCP9701A temperature sensor.