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Home control/monitor system

Submitted bypatrik onSun, 2015-03-15 08:40

On this pages I will describe my system for home control and monitoring. There are several parts which will be divided in separate pages.

Emonbase - The master device
I call this device "Emonbase" as it is based on the Emoncms system from OpenEnergyMonitor ( The hardware is a Raspberry Pi Model B with a harddisk. To receive RF-signals from the sensors it has an Emontx connected to its GPIO. The Emontx is a transciever device that can send and receive RF signals. It also has a custom made receiver with a Arduino-clone and a standard 433MHz RF receiver that decodes Esic-senders.

Monitor nodes
There are two types of monitor nodes. The first is a pre-built unit from Esic. Theese have sensors for temperature and humidity, a small LCD and a RF-transmitter. They have pretty bad range but are an easy and cheap way to monitor moist and temperature in different places, for example the attic and the ground below the house.
The other type of monitor nodes are custom built based on designs and codes from OpenEnergyMonitor, described in separate pages.

  • Emon5110
    A transciever placed in the laundry room. It has a DHT-11 that reads the current temperature and humidity in the room. It also has a current sensor that monitors the washing machines power consumptions. The results are sent via RF to the master device. The unit also has a small LCD like the ones used in old mobiles like the Nokia 5110. This display shows the temperature and the humidity. It also shows the current time which is received from the master.
  • EmonLed
    Uses a blue led display to show outdoor temperature and the correct time received from Emonbase. Mounted inside an infinity mirror.
  • Emontx
    A transmitter mounted outdoor. Sensors for temperature, light, humidity and air pressure. Also has a pulse detector mounted on the electricity meter.