ESP-01 "Al Cloud inside"

Submitted by patrik on Thu, 2016-09-22 10:56

Bought some new ESP-01:s, the version with the black board labeled "Al cloud inside" (here. At first I tried to talk to it via Arduinos serial monitor, connected the Esp via a USB-adapter (here).

Tried some different settings in the serial monitor, what worked was 115200 baud, both NL & CR:





AT version: 29 2016 15:10:17)
SDK version:1.5.2(7eee54f4)
Ai-Thinker Technology Co. Ltd.
May 5 2016 17:30:30

With an Android phones network settings we find that the Esp has started a network named Ai-thinker_c2c338.
The app Fing tells that the Esp:s Ip is