My Slug

Submitted bypatrik onWed, 2008-01-23 01:18

The Slug is a little NAS-device that can be tweaked to do almost anything. This is a presentation my Slub and what is does (and will do in the future).

Operating System
Debian Arm installed on a 40Gb, 2,5" harddisk connected via USB

Instead of the built in ethernet I use a DLink DWL-G122 wireless usb adapter.

Internet radio
This is the main usage for my Slug. It plays some stations with MPD, some with VLC from a local server.

Light control
This is done by the big server for now but will be moved to the Slug. The lights are attached to Nexa wireless switches, and at the server a Tellstick is used to send control signals.
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1-wire network
Mainly used for light level sensing but also control some leds and measures air pressure. On the server for now.

A LCD is connected with a PIC18F2450 usb-pic, a PHP-script displays songinfo and weatherdata. Hardware finished, software in progress.