Slug as an mediaplayer

Submitted by patrik on Sat, 2008-09-06 00:41

Just some notes, see for more. The idea here is to have the Slug playing a audiostream, which contents are controlled by a server (where the media files resides).

-The Slug runs a media player software (mpd) that's set to play a stream from a local server

-The server runs Icecast, which in turn are fed from mpd.

-By changing what mpd and the server is playing the Slug plays different music.

To play another location:

rm mpd_playlist # Remove playlist link
ln -s /mnt/temp/phermansson/ mpd_playlist # Create a new link
mpc update # Update database
mpc listall|mpc add # List all files and add then to the playlist
mpc play

Then you'll have to do 'mpc play' on the Slug. This can be done over the network with help from nc:

echo -e 'play'|nc 6600 -q 1

[b]Icecast Clients[/b]
ezstream - Streams mp3. No support for webbradio stations
mpd - Streams ogg, supports webbradio as source(?).
streamTranscoder - Converts an ogg-stream from for example mpd into a mp3-stream (for devices that can't play ogg).,